Artists (listed in alphabetical order): Suzanne Anker, The Tissue Culture & Art Project (Oron Catts & Ionat Zurr) in collaboration with Robert Foster/Devon Ward/Corrie Van Sice, Anna Dumitriu & Alex May, Thomas Feuerstein, Eduardo Kac, LIANG Shaoji, QIU Yu, Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau

Growing, co-organized by ZHI ART MUSEUM and Chronus Art Center (CAC), presents the work of eight artists/artist collectives from five countries. The exhibition further dissects the phenomenology of the living and growing into the precarious zones of the uncanny. The borderline between the animate and the subliminal through the lens of the techno-fantastical foreshadows a future that is as fascinating as it is ominous.

Suzanne Anker’s 2019 work The Afterlife of Particles conjugates specimens from the natural world and items from the industrialized domain. An in-vitro cityscape embraces a myriad of objects, orchestrating an assemblage of air-dried foods, traditional Chinese medicinal herbs, medical pills, rubber bands, pastel crayons, screws, metal clips and numerous other live or immobile objects encased in Petri dishes. The installation is a laboratory for re-engineering that forges a new meaning of symbiosis for the organic and the artifact.

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2019 International Bio Art Exhibition
Curator: ZHANG Ga

Sept. 28, 2019 – Jan. 5, 2020
Opening Reception: Sept. 27, 2019

ZHI Art Museum
Opening Hours: 10:00-17:00, Wed.-Sun.
Address: No. 1 Junshan Road, Xinjin County, Chengdu, China.