“The Future of Today” – Today Art Museum, Beijing

Suzanne Anker: Rainbow Loom, 2014. Wooden table, 366 glass Petri dishes, various items collected in China, 36 x 192 x 36 in (91.4x 487.7 x 91.4 cm).

“The Future of Today” – Today Art Museum, Beijing

Future of Today at the Beijing Today Art Museum: August 27-September 12, 2015
Future of Today at the China Century Monument: September 26-October 7, 2015

Curator: Su Lei

Suzanne Anker, Lin Ke, Mu Lei, Ye Puna, Hu Renyi, Zhou Wendou, Xu Wenkai, Zhang Xiaotao.
Beijing Today Art Museum (TAM) is the first non-profit private art museum in China. The art exhibition “Future of Today” consists of three manifestations: a physical exhibition consisting of images and objects,  a virtual exhibition incorporating distinct digitalized art works and a third segment focusing on augmented reality. This combination  of practices speaks to the manner in which art will be produced in the future.

Keynote speaker at World Economic Forum “The Shape of China” conference,  Dalian, China.  September 6, 15:30 -16:30.
Grand Hyatt Dalian, Salon no.1

“The Future of Today” – Today Art Museum, Beijing

The Future of Today

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Opening Reception: August 27, 2015